Thursday, October 8, 2009

AppStore Dwarfs need glasses...

AppStore Dwarfs are those magic workers behind the scenes at the AppStore. They do a lot of work simultaneously but they don't pay attention to details. Global.AQ 1.0.2 when submitted to the AppStore was rejected by the dwarfs with the comment that sending SMS doesnt work. It was written in the FAQ, on the App documentation, on the website that you must enter phone numbers in international format. Meaning with + in front. Every european who sends SMS across the border knows that. But the american dwarfs don't so they didn't type it correctly. I've heard another developer with a very similar application had exactly the same problem.

Now Global.AQ 2.0 is ready for prime time. First it was hold up due to "itunes disconnect". Then it took a full 2 weeks to get a reply saying, the app doesn't do what the advertisement text was saying.

They complained it doesn't do incoming SMS. Well they tested on AT&T where in fact it doesn't work yet (but AT&T is working on it, I'm sure it does soon) but it does work on a few selected networks (and many more are coming). But the advertisement text was telling this.

Conclusion: the AppStore Dwarfs must be blind. They never read the text fully.

So we have to wait for another 2 weeks. *Sight*