Friday, July 11, 2008

App Store starts

AppStore has started. Tons of US-Apps. Of course they had 3 months more to prepare compared to folks on this side of the ocean. But there's more to it.

More information about Enterprise Distribution will be available soon.

So we can continue to go fishing...

But hey it ain't so bad. Almost no one gets iPhone 3G anyway as the supply is so short :-)


Anonymous said...

Did you get accepted (payed the $99) and received your certificate ? or are you still waiting?

I am still waiting and I have not yet gotten accepted. :(

Andreas Fink said...

I got accepted as corporate and paid 299$. Note that I applied for both types.

Andreas Fink said...

...accepted as Enterprise (Individual somehow is lost in space) and now pushed back to Corporate. They changed the rules without asking me and say you need to show 500 employees. What the heck. I want App Store access. That's still not the case *sight*. But the day will come.