Thursday, August 7, 2008

SIM Locks...

Finally I was able to get an iPhone 3G. I bought it from Manor.
According to, you can buy the 16GB model it either with Swisscom prepaid SIM for 619.- or with Orange prepaid SIM for 899.-. But as I travel often and want to use my own network's SIM (which doesn't have roaming with neither yet), I bought the "APPLE iPhone 3G 16.0GB ohne Vertrag" (means without contract) for whooping 1199.- CHF (for your foreigners out there, 1 CHF is approx 1 USD). So I paid 580.- more so I have an universal iPhone and no prepaid SIM with it.

But what did I got? A SIM locked iPhone! So why did I pay 580.- more? Because they removed the prepaid sim from the bundle?

A total rip off.

As the Manor offering at has been removed in the meantime, here some screenshoots of what it was before.
Product comparision
Product detail
Product description

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