Thursday, January 1, 2009

Windows Alert

What kind of question is this?? Yes I want to copy or Yes I want to move?
I have choice A or B but my options are yes or no...

Happened under Windows XP when moving a file from a ZIP to the desktop

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Sam Homer said...

I know it's confusing; the way I read it is: "Please recall what you intended to do (move or copy). Now, if you asked me to copy: do you want to copy the file; if you asked me to move: do you want to move the file?"

Why one even gets the error in the first place is a mistery.

I think the equivalent in XP is "This page contains an unspecified security flaw; do you really want to open it?", which one gets upon opening some folder in Explorer (not IE, mind you).

Lazy programmers... just gotta love 'em.