Thursday, May 28, 2009

new version of 419 scam

Nigerian 419 scammers are getting on my nerves. Letters and emails are not good enough anymore. Now they start spamming via Skype.

[col alan] hello
can i have abrief word with you

[Andreas Fink] sure.what's up?
[col alan] im fine
how are u

[Andreas Fink] fine.
[col alan] im colone Alan Metler. us army
no cos for alarm

[Andreas Fink] I see.
what brings me the pleasure to speak to the army?

[col alan] its all business
[Andreas Fink] sure of course
so what business are you in then

[col alan] some days ago my boys found a boy at the un office at iraq
with a consignment box
[Andreas Fink] and?
[col alan] so when i open up the box privately in my office i found out that the box contains 40million us dollars
[Andreas Fink] ah another 419 case...
[col alan] listen to me boy
this is serios
i have interv
the boy
i discover that the little boy father was the former owner of a oil company here in iraq

Will they ever give up?

1 comment:

Clark Cox said...

No, they'll never give up, because there will always be people out there who will fall for these scams.