Wednesday, September 23, 2009

iTunes Disconnect

For those of you who develop iPhone / iPodTouch applications, you are probably familiar with iTunesConnect, Apple's tool to upload iPhone applications. I don't often use it because I'm not producing 100's of iPhone applications every months and for the statistics part I use AppViz which summarises daily everything I want to know.
Now yesterday our Global.AQ software was ready to be released in version 2.0 into the wild after having worked many many months on fine tuning thousands of small little bits. So I pressed:

and then I got this:

for over 15 minutes! So I retried and retried and retried. Nothing seemed to work. As it was already late I decided to try again in the early morning, a time where USA usually went to sleep and European business have not started to work yet so the hope was that servers where completely idle. But no luck either. Even at 07:30 CET, it didn't work. Some users on twitter reported similar problems but success by just waiting. So arrived in the office I did start up Safari and just have it wait.

So I did and got this after like 30 minutes I got:

Trying again, I got another 30 minutes later:

Maybe that's the new way of rejecting developers?

PS: Apparently I'm by far not the only one havin
g this problem. 2 days later its still there. Apple apparently is "aware" but they did not answer any of my e-mails.

Today I even had a new variant of error message

Its getting more and more absurd.

24. Sept. 2007 19:45 CET
I think apple has moved the site from a mac mini to an array of XServes. Upload was out of a sudden possible and blasting fast. Global.AQ PRO 2.0 is finally there. Now we only have to pass the review process (another 2 weeks to wait... )

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