Thursday, May 27, 2010

Same product, same vendor, different price?

Today I was trying out the Genius feature of iTunes. It was proposing me a song from YES which I have bought and even somewhere have the vinyl version of. But it was playing an extended version. So I searched for the standard version which was not in my iTunes library. So I searched for it in iTunes Store. And guess what, you can buy it multiple times at different prices. No I'm not talking about the expanded edition. I'm talking about exactly the same song from exactly the same album. Once at Fr. 1.60 and once at Fr. 2.20. Weird.

Now if you look at the two albums:

You can see that one Album has 9 songs of Fr. 2.20 each but the album all together costs Fr. 13.
And the other album has 9 songs of Fr. 1.60 each but the album all together costs Fr. 14.40 which is exactly the same as 9 x Fr. 1.60

How can the same product from the same shop be sold at two different prices??


LunaticRaving said...

The difference in price is because they are not the same album. Wait, before you state the obvious, that these are the same album, take a look at the release dates:

Erschienen: 07.11.1983
Erschienen: 13.03.1984

The record label considers these different albums, and as such can price them differently in the iTunes store. I think it's too bad that Apple finally had to cave on the pricing issue, I really think it just goes to show how terribly run the music industry is when a computer maker knows more about their audience than they do.

-lane roathe

Andreas Fink said...

So the question is how comes the music industry releases the same album twice within 4 months at different prices?

Logic in the music industry is a rare feature.