Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why WWDC will never be like WWDC again...

WWDC stands for World Wide Developer Conference. An event annually held by Apple in San Francisco. As the name implies, it supposed to be "world wide". However due to the popularity of iOS, the event is being flooded with developers and since 2 years was being sold out. In 2010 however things changed.

Europe received invitations for WWDC at 18:05. By the next morning, WWDC was sold out. In other words, any serious developer who has to organize hotel and long distance international flights to San Francisco has absolutely no chance to get to WWDC. He might not even have seen the invitation before it was sold out because of the timing it was sent. The result of this will be that WWDC will no longer be World Wide anymore. It will be 99.999% US only while more developers who develop for iOS are abroad, while more revenue is being produced with Apple devices outside of USA, I consider this quite a drastic shift.

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