Monday, May 5, 2008

There's hope for europe

Given Apple Insider says some europeans got their iPhone SDK keys now

it seems to be there's hope for the iPhone cracks out there in the 60% hacked market share land.
However the odds are not much better. Having enrolled in the very first hours of the iPhone SDK being available to download (yeah you where able to download 2GB files but you wheren't able to run applications on your 999 € phone with it...), I'm still locked in "You will receive notification of your enrollment status. Enrollment ID: ....". Apparently it is being used to promote WWDC 2008 as everyone hopes to see the 3G version there. Its pure speculation if the 3G version of a iPhone will be announced at WWDC 2008 but it's pretty realistic timing for a 3G version. Could also hold up Apple to release the SDK to a larger public because it could lead to "hints" apple doesn't want to give (but as the US developers are already good in leaking such information, who cares. Everyone knows anyhow, even before its released :-O).

So. time for me to print my t-shirts and check out flights to San Francisco. And to check out who to meet from Apple. Unfortunately there's no company directory so its VERY hard to find the right people. But let's not give up. Apple has been a great company in the past and I'm sure it want to be a great company in the future.

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