Friday, May 23, 2008

WWDC 2008 Speculations

WWDC is coming up. Everyone expects a 3G iPhone to come up and so far this seems to be a very realistic guess (but with Apple you can never be sure). Some people try to abuse this hype by publishing non existing future products for a not yet existing 3G iPhone. Another funny speculation is  a 3G iPhone with 42Mbps download speed. As nice as so much speed sounds, it's useless for such a device. First: no network supports it today. Second: the CPU can't cope with so much speed (and if it would it would zap the battery in 10 minutes). Third: where you want to put so much data away?  Thats 5.2MBytes per second. You want full HD resolution on your iPhone?Well your screen can't cope with that. And it takes exactly  50 seconds to fill up your 16GB of storage. And I still need to see that fast and affordable flash chips. But I'm sure this one will make it to many newspapers as it sounds so nice. So speculations over speculations and Apple masters it again to make everyone very eager to see what's now the real truth behind why I still have to wait for my SDK developer key. Hopefully they don't just come up with a new MacPro II. Well why not as long as there is "one more thing....".

See you at WWDC.

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